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5 February 2020 in Announcements

UHIC Roadside Assistance is now LIVE! 

Our NEW Roadside Assistance coverage is now available in all 5 of our operating states as an optional coverage for qualifying auto policies!

We have teamed up with Road America, an industry leader in roadside assistance for more than 40 years, to begin offering this 24/7 service to United Home customers.

24/7 Services provided will include:

  • Dispatch of emergency towing assistance in case of a breakdown or accident
  • Dispatch of emergency supplies
  • Dispatch of flat tire assistance
  • Emergency battery assistance (jump-start)
  • Emergency lock-out assistance


Roadside Assistance coverage will be replacing the Towing/Labor coverage previously offered. Only policies with Comprehensive and Collision coverages will be eligible for Roadside Assistance.

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