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27 January 2023 in Announcements

Q1 2023 Property Updates

For the past year, the UHIC Marketing team has been gathering feedback and advocating on behalf of our agency partners. We are excited to now be delivering all of the program updates and endorsements you have been seeking to offer a more comprehensive homeowner program in all of our states.

Identity Fraud Expense

Identity fraud can tarnish an insured’s name, ruin credit scores, compromise financial and medical histories, and/or drain assets. Once the damage is done, the road back can be very difficult. Identity Fraud Expense Coverage provides $10,000 of coverage, no deductible, for expenses in assisting to reclaim and restore an insured’s identity.

Risk Class Definitions

Our agents wanted to have more transparency on United Home’s tiering of each property policy. We are introducing on both the quote and application level our new Risk Class definitions! Our Risk Class definitions are as follows: Non-Standard, Standard, Preferred, Preferred – Elite, Ultra Preferred.

New Deductibles in TN & OK

United Home is bringing to market a $2,500 deductible for all perils in Tennessee, and $2,500 all-other perils in Oklahoma. Previously only $2,000 or $5,000 were options.

Underground Utility Line Coverage

UHIC is bringing to market Underground Utility Line Coverage in all states! This endorsement will offer up to $10,000 for damage from a leak, tear, break, or collapse caused by any of the following:
• Rust or other corrosions, decay, deterioration, hidden or latent defect;
• Collapse;
• Wear & tear;
• Freezing; or
• Electrical, mechanical, or pressure systems breakdown

HO3 Seasonal

UHIC is expanding its HO 3 program by bringing to market a vacation home classification that mimics the coverage of an HO 3. HO 3 seasonal will be available for qualifying homes in Agentree. Homes used for short-term or long-term rentals will not be eligible for this new program.

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