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22 May 2019 in Announcements

OK Auto Program Enhancements

Effective 6/12/2019
United Home is committed to providing a competitive, stable auto product to meet our customer and agent needs. To continue to profitably grow this program, United Home will be implementing a rate change.



  • Advance Quote Discount Revision
    • Higher Discounts for quoting before the effective date
    • Will taper off over 4 policy terms instead of 1 causing less rate disruption
  • Better performing zip codes will see a decrease in rates


Revision details and overall impact

Rate Impact
Average monoline business change: +3.57%
Average package business change: +2.83%

Average monoline monthly dollar change: $3.93
Average companion monthly dollar change: $3.46


Reasons for this rate revision

  • Continuation of elevated loss trends in the monoline segment as a whole driving rate need.
  • More complex vehicles leading to higher body shop repair costs.
  • Distracted driving is on the rise, causing increased fatalities in crashes and higher accident rates.
  • Medical costs are growing exponentially, affecting the amount paid on claims.
  • Unlisted household members driving having accidents


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