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30 July 2020 in Announcements


Coverage A Increase

We have increased our Coverage A offering to a maximum of $550,000! This limit is now available in all states.

Solar Panel Removal and Reattachment Coverage

Effective October 15, 2020, United Home will add a restriction concerning solar panels to all new and renewal business. The cost to remove and reattach solar panels will now be excluded when removal and reattachment is necessary due to a covered loss. An optional endorsement that will cover the cost of removal and reattachment will now be offered for an additional premium.
It was necessary to enact this restriction due to the cost of removing and reattaching solar panels, which can more than double the cost of a roof repair or replacement. Please note solar panels remain as covered property – this restriction only affects the cost to remove and re-attach.

Your insured will receive notice of this restriction on renewal business. Please watch for the restriction and add the coverage at your option.

Electronic Signature Coming Soon!

United Home will soon be introducing a brand new way to service your new accounts! Beginning in October, new business applications will be offered in paper and electronic signature formats. When e-sign is selected, a link to the application will be sent to the agent and the insured. Once both parties have completed their signatures, a copy of the signed application will be automatically uploaded to the policy. Automatic reminders will be sent until the application has been returned, so no more paper chase! This will not only take some of the load off of our underwriters, but our agents as well.

Keep an eye out for more details and an official announcement in the coming weeks!

Lexis Nexis Update

We are in the final stages of development with Lexis Nexis! We will be releasing these new products in 3 phases, starting with Auto. Keep an eye out for our official announcements!

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